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I’ve been seeing the “drama” on social media.

It starts with someone complaining about how their life is hard, or how there’s no one to talk to, and how alone people feel. Trust me, I understand and I was there. I have been in a place where I felt like I couldn’t go any lower if I tried. I’d complain about my life to the same group of friends and I’d feel like a burden. Or maybe that’s not you at all. Maybe you’re the person who’s ready to take the jump and start a career for yourself. Maybe you’re an aspiring fashion blogger, you’re a photographer, or you’re just like me- a lifestyle blogger, but you want to make money. Just a little tidbit of information for you, companies don’t want to work for you if you’ve got the words “blogspot” or “wordpress” in your URL. Also, many people won’t book your services if your site doesn’t look legit. Or maybe you’re neither of those people. Maybe you don’t want a career, and you just want to share your life with your family and friends. Maybe you just need an online journal. Maybe you’re just looking for a new hobby. Maybe, you love to score deals on clothes, or you coupon, or you are a part of a MLM business and you’re looking for your own space to attract people. Maybe I can help.

Think of it this way,

Are you more likely to go to a company’s website, for example diet products and purchase them off of there? Would you be more likely to do it from one of your Facebook friends who has a website where they share their journey using the products? Right. There you go. You can utilize your business, share on your own platform, journal online, or display your photography and you can do it for a steal. 

Web Hosting

When I started blogging, I was inside the bubble of WordPress. They would advertise on my blog, and with every single click, I paid them. Not fair, since I was doing all the work. Since utilizing SiteGround, I’ve been able to “get the reigns” on my own platform. I can advertise to my heart’s content. I get paid for the advertisements. Another thing, Siteground helped me when Wild West Domains and WordPress stole alwaysampersand. They got all of my old blogs back, and all I had to do was open up a request. They talked me through everything, they restored everything, and they are there whenever I need to utilize them for my blog. 

It’s a “no brainer”.

If you’ve been hesitant to take the jump on owning your own platform, I’m going to tell you the benefits outweigh the drama. If you’ve seen my blog about “the truth about blogging”, it’s a lot of work to make money on the internet. This year, in 2017, since owning my blog- I set a goal for myself, and made FOUR TIMES that amount. That’s going to bills, going to groceries, going to new clothes, and it’s because I took control. 

Web Hosting

I promise you, try it out for a year, and see what it does for you, and your personal brand. 

Let me just toot SiteGround’s horn for a minute. They have not only helped me with JenSalisbury.com, but they’ve also given me my own site email address, helped me secure my site, and helped me with any troubleshooting that I’ve ever needed. They’re fast, safe, reliable, and there are virtually no hidden fees. You don’t pay $3.95 for the first month, then $20.00 after. They don’t try to hustle you, they just give you your very own platform to grow yourself.

Here’s the best part: If you’re already on a free platform. SiteGround can HELP YOU transfer over. They did it for me, within the span of 24 hours I had my own website, and it’s been thriving ever since (well, thriving when I put the work into it!)

Ready to go? CLICK HERE to learn about all of SiteGround’s features and sign up for ONE. YEAR. (P.S. and entire year is less than $50.00. Chill out on the Starbucks for a week and you’ve got an entire year of your own website.)

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