Hey, Hey, Hey Gooooodbyeee

Sweet Baby Jesus, Goodbye 2017.

Every single year, bloggers throw up a post about how next year is going to be different because this year was so terrible, or how nothing could beat this year because it was soooooooo amazing. I hate those blogs, but uh, welcome to mine. (Last year though, the post that I threw up on alwaysampersand.com was a little bit more raw, and a lot less pretty, this year was a 180, that’s for sure!)

2016 was a terrible year, in general, so there was nothing but “up” to go from the rock bottom that my life was at. Trust me, we went up. Like Fat Joe “All The Way Up” status, people. Thirteen days into 2017, I was married in a court house to Dylan (my first and only boyfriend). A reality that almost didn’t happen, because our engagement was that terrible. Like, holy shit when I think about where I was last year, it’s absolutely insane.

Post “real wedding”, we got on a cruise ship a month later, and did the whole “real ceremony” thing. Spending a week with 25 of our closest family and friends, on a boat, in the ocean, visiting islands and letting everyone have a vacation was probably the best wedding we could have ever wanted. We got married in Freeport, and it was perfect.

After the wedding we went to Disney World, for both of our first times. It was so amazing, upon returning home- we booked another trip to Disney World for the end of 2017. That is literally my favorite place on earth.

A short two weeks later, we were on our way to Chicago for “Chirish” with our best friends (and the sole reason we lasted in Des Moines as long as we did). For some reason, at about 8:30pm, in Nick’s car, we decided to buy a puppy from Liz in Nebraska. I’m sure everyone in Chicago was so happy to hear me say “I’m getting a puppy!” 438 times that weekend. That weekend also brought me new friendships, with females (which is insanity because if you know me, you’ll know I’m the least girl’s girl- ever), and my love for Bridget and Jen grows every time I see them.

April 1st, Queen Eleanor Elizabeth Salisbury came home, and my heart has grown exponentially ever since. I wish I could tell her how much she’s saved me in the last eight months. I wish she knew how important she is for our family. She’ll never understand that we spoil her with treats, toys, and a nightly cuddle puddle because all we really want in life is for her to feel happy. 

In June we moved from Ankeny to Des Moines, because we wanted to live downtown and closer to work. I fought for the one year lease, instead of six months, and my bank account hates me because that ruined my life. I should have known we wouldn’t have lasted.

Fast forward to July, where we had our wedding receptions back home. What an amazing weekend, where we spent it with people who mean so much to us. Speaking on this, please make this be my public apology to every single person who attended either party, and never received a “Thank you card”. Days turned into weeks, which turned into a move to a new state, and my intentions was to send out “Thank You” Christmas Cards, but sometimes life is busy. I don’t want anyone to read this and think that they were left out of a hand written note, because everyone was. I apologize for being a millennial, but thank you all for the continued love and support.

Chelsie got married in August, in the most beautiful barn venue I’ve ever seen. We’re all still shocked that Chelsie became this domesticated goddess, but at least she got Erik, who is her literal other half… (well, other half who’s not me, I guess…)

By the end of September, Dylan and I were checked out of Des Moines and in November we finally moved. Indianapolis is where the adventure took us, and in this first month of living here- it’s felt more like “home sweet home” than the last two years in Des Moines. We went to Disney a couple of weeks ago, and go to Nashville on Friday for New Year’s Eve.

Mix all of these big things with the little concerts, weekend trips home, double date days with our best friends, and learning to navigate a new city, and 2017 was our biggest year so far. 

Of course, we need to recognize the fact that everything on the surface of 2017 was amazing, but inside my head it was a little bit of a different story. I spent most of the year focused on everyone else, and my anxiety continued to wreck my life. I gained a lot of weight this year, because I let stress control me, and healed it with Fuzzy’s Tacos and that bread from Texas Roadhouse (mouth. watering.) Anxiety is something that is a part of me, but I gave it too much space to thrive this year, and that sucks. Too many days were spent crying in my office at work, too many weekends I wouldn’t leave the house because I felt drained, and too many nights I skipped the workout because I felt like there was no point.

This year, there was a lot of “we”, a lot of “us”, and a lot of “everyone else”. While the we part, the marriage, the adventure was amazing- the everyone else part came in to counter act it. There’s a basic white girl New Year’s Resolution post coming soon, and we’ll talk about how all of that is changing in 2018 because I need to love myself too. All in all, this was quite the year, and I can’t wait for the next one. (Except, Dylan, don’t make me move again- please.)

Good Luck to you 2018…


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