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Hey Guys,

Here’s the obligatory blogger’s “New Year’s Resolution’s” post. I’m currently at home, with the most awful “non puking flu” that I’ve ever experienced. My skin hurts to touch. Muscle aches are no joke. While I’ve spent the last few hours rotating between E!, sleep, and taking care of some work business, I’ve been thinking about saying goodbye to 2017 and how 2018 will NOT be the same.

If you missed my recap of 2017, you can check it out here. 

There were three things that I took into account with creating resolutions this year. If you recall, the last couple of years I went really “edgy” and talked about why “all resolutions set you up for failure”, and how it was going to be my years of “revolutions”, and a bunch of other junk. In reality, I didn’t create resolutions, because I personally was afraid to fail. By creating “anti-resolutions”, there was nothing to hold myself accountable for. Sometimes though, you need something like a resolution to kick you in the ass, or else, what are you working towards? 

With that being said, the three things that I took into account this year were: 1. Is this attainable? (Am I setting myself up for something that I can’t actually do?) 2. Will this enhance my life? (What is my real underlying reason for this resolution, and how will this alter my life?) and 3. Is “almost” an okay answer? (If I don’t reach my goal, will I be proud of my progress? Sometimes, not reaching the goal is hard. If it’s going to be so hard, it will take away from the progress, then that is not a goal I should be making.) Something else that I’d like to add, is that these goals are specific. Personally, creating a generalization ends up leaving my with contentment if It’s not achieved. If I say “lose weight” and lose a pound, then I get the “Good Enough” feeling… I want to push myself this year. (Number one should be to stop looking down in all my Instagram photos, am I right?)

Jen’s 5 New Years Resolutions for 2018…

  1. Lose 20 pounds.
  2. Seek out options for managing anxiety
  3. Visit five new places
  4. Be a better person.
  5. Seek out JOY.

Let’s break it down. The last couple of years I’ve challenged myself with losing weight, but not had the actual commitment that I need to make the changes I did when I lived at home. In fact, I spent more time talking on the internet about what changes needs to be made, rather than making any changes. The result was an up & down weight gain and loss of thirty-ish pounds, and right now I’m sitting about fifteen over where I was when I moved out of my parents house. At that time, I was five pounds away from my “goal weight”, and that’s where I want to get this year. I invested in vitamins, probiotics, and aloe (all things that are part of a solid diet and not part of an MLM. These are things a body actually neeeeeds.). I’ve gotten doctor’s appointments and allergy testing coming up to take control of my random (apples) food allergies. I’ve got my YMCA membership back, and access to all of those amenities (blessed). I’m ready.

My “lack of communication” engagement, moving four times in two years, saying goodbye to radio (now twice), my lack of actual friendships, being overweight, money troubles (curse you school loans) and my inability to manage stress has all contributed to some raging anxiety recently. Next year, I want to seek out a little bit of healing. Do I need to cut caffeine? Take vitamin D3? Talk to someone? I just want to get on a path that I feel a little bit more in control of how I’m feeling. (This week, my anxiety convinced me I’m allergic to peanuts. I have NO idea if I actually am developing an allergy, but I’ve stopped eating it, in fear that it’s real. THAT’S ANXIETY.)

Dylan’s constantly seeking travel, and simply put, I’m not. This year I want to soak in some new cities, new experiences and new adventures (but ones that are like, a weekend and not moving. No. More. Moving.)…

I have a servant heart, and one that’s very concerned with everyone other than myself. Simply stated, working with children again has already provided me with more purpose than working in Des Moines as a whole. I feel like a 40 hour career isn’t enough though… Do I volunteer? Do we serve at a church? Do we both start Big Brothers Big Sisters? Do I work with animals? I will admittedly boast my very large emotional connection to the world, and there’s somewhere that needs me this year.

Lastly, seeking joy. I am greeeeeeeeeat at finding the negativity in pretty much every single life situation. I think finding the negativity also helps me harbor on some anxieties, so I just want to try to curb it all. Children are great resources at helping you take things a little less seriously, so hopefully I can ride that wave right into the ocean of positivity.


Just a little information for you all. January 1st is on a Monday this year. This is the perfect reason to start the thing you kept putting off in 2017. New Week, New Month, New Year all on the same day. Let me know your New Year’s Resolutions below, or if you’re not into the resolutions- tell me why! I’ve sat in both boats the last few years, but my motivations have been pushing me to create some goals so let’s do this. 

Happy 2018 my friends!

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