Thankfully, I Get Gravy Tomorrow

Did you know, tomorrow is Thanksgiving?

In case you were unaware… The Salisbury family is staying in Indianapolis this year. Last year, we went home to Minnesota, but the year before that we had to stay in Des Moines because Dylan was “on call” and not allowed to see his family. It was a shitty situation. That’s not at all why we’re staying here this year though. Mainly, I just moved my ten pound dog across two states, uprooted her life for the second time, and putting her in a car or on a plane right now just doesn’t seem fair. Also, I’m not so “solid” on the money front, because like mentioned above, we’ve moved twice this year, and home girl needs to catch up. So, instead of seeing our family, eating real great homemade meals, and Instagramming it like all of the other basic bitches in America, we will do something else. Dylan already has the tree up, I can’t cook to save my life, there’s really not much open, and we probably don’t really have to do anything, so we’re not.

While we’re not with our family, there are three traditions that will stand. First, I will wear sweatpants for the entire day. My entire life (except for Dylan’s family Thanksgiving one time), I’ve been in sweatpants for Thanksgiving. Regardless of who’s house I’ve been at, this is not a “dressing up holiday” for my life. I’m going to eat gravy (and some other foods, but most importantly gravy), and I can not be bothered to wear real pants. Second, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade will be on. It’s pretty much the only thing that makes me embrace the whole Holiday season. Who knows why… It’s just something I enjoy. Third, I always make my top five list of things I was thankful for in the past year. Normally, it’s just something I do on my own, but luckily for me, I’m on a public platform where I’m convinced someone listens to my inner thoughts…

List of Thankfulness 2017:

1. God

It’s been quite the journey this year, and there’s one big ol’ Man to thank for it. I could go on and on for days, but to be abundantly blunt- I would not have a quarter of my sanity right now, if God did not always promise to be faithful. I have drained my bank account to move twice, I’ve been unemployed, I was miserable for most of the summer, I was struggling to be a supportive wife, my anxiety came back with a vengeance in the fall, I failed to keep Ellie safe some times, and I constantly fought to be my “best self” and often failed. Without consciously knowing that through every single struggle God had my back, I would have failed ten times harder. Saving Grace is real, ya’ll.

2. Marriage

Engagement was a shit show, “boyfriend and girlfriend” was a dream, and “the first year of marriage is the hardest”. Being married is seriously cool. Dylan has a permanent adventure partner, who’s willing to uproot her life to follow his dreams. I have a permanent house cleaner on Sundays because “I am not good at it”. We never have to vacation alone, we get to watch movies every night, I can fart whenever I want, and Dylan once tried to poop with the door open (I lost my proverbial shit) without me divorcing him (but come on, never. again). I’m thankful for this crazy adventure that has been our marriage, because while a move to Lincoln and Des Moines was nuts, it was nothing compared to getting married on a cruise, doing Disney World, going to Chicago, buying a puppy on the car ride to Chicago, moving to Indianapolis, and getting ready to go to Disney World AGAIN. Team work makes the dream work, and we’re a pretty great team following a pretty sick dream. (I mean honestly, who ever thinks they’re going to grow up and marry someone on the radio?)

3. Eleanor

My first child, I am thankful for you and your four paws. You know, some days (like when you ate Dylan’s XBOX cord, or when you shit and stepped in it) I don’t want to be thankful for you, but you have taught me more than I ever thought possible. You taught me that two dark brown eyes will always crack me when I’m angry. You taught me how to be patient, when you want to be impulsive. You taught me to laugh at the little things, because it’s not that serious. You taught me how to be proud when an animal learned sit, shake, high five, and up. You taught me that most things can be healed with snuggles, and the morning doesn’t really start until there’s been a good session of “pet me nowwwww”. I am thankful for you coming along on all of our adventures, and I always want you to know that I’m thankful for you.

4.Fresh Starts

It’s been quite a heavy year, filled with so much change. I know next year won’t be like this, because if Dylan tries to move me, I’m going to kill him. This is just a small bit of “Thankful” that I got to redecorate an apartment, start at a fresh new job, and be in a city where blogging has a place to grow. I’m thankful for Indianapolis, and in this few weeks, it’s been the first place to REALLY feel like home, for the first time since we lived at home. I’m thankful for Indianapolis, I want to be here for a while.

5. Support

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, I’m thankful for every person reading this. I’m thankful for those of you in Des Moines, who held us in your hearts while our lives were there. I’m thankful for those best friendships that were made (and still flow through a text message thread that ends daily in “fight me”). I’m so thankful for all of our friends back in Minnesota, who have planned trips to visit us, who I still text about my poop, and who still have me looped in to the drama at the Y. I’m so thankful to our parents, who have already visited, who have plans to visit, who told us we can reschedule Christmas (cause we’re not going home for that either), who constantly check on us, and who are always going to protect us. Thank you to the alwaysampersand readers, who became readers, the ones who reach out constantly to show how they support this platform that has changed my life. Thank you to every. single. person. who is a part of our story, our adventure, and right now, our 2017.


Now, Please pass the gravy!

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