Jingle Bells On A Paper Garland Budget

I’m sorta the Grinch.

In a sense, but that post is coming later… Today, we need to sit down and have a chat. We’re grown ups now. That means that the paper garland countdown that you used to make in elementary school is no longer a valid piece of holiday decor. That means the cheesy stained sweatshirt selfie and the “reply all” on the work email isn’t going to cut it. Plain and simple: you need to step up your game. I also get it, we’re millennials and not here for an expensive holiday. So, I’m here to help. Today, I’m going to give you Jingle Bells on a Paper Garland Budget. The decor, the meal, the Christmas cards, and the things you didn’t think of. 

Merry Christmas Lizzie McGuire.

The “Must Haves”


I feel like there’s five things that are really going to solidify a good lookin’ home this season. The tree, the stockings, the garland, the wreath, and the extras. You are grown. Maybe, you’re finally being entrusted in hosting family Christmas. Maybe, you’re trying to not look so frumpy. Maybe, you just want to treat yo’ self. Below are my picks for Christmas Decor 2017, on a budget. Just click the pictures below, throw them in your cart, and have a happy home this Holiday!



Hi, Mom!


So, you’re finally married. You just had a baby. You’re now a dog mom. Or, you just got your first apartment and thanks to the decor above, it’s really cute. Don’t let your mom think you hate her. Don’t let aunt Ruth think that you’ve forgotten about her. They deserve a little love, in the form of a Christmas Card. Just think, you used to looooooooove opening those up every year when your friends and family sent them to you, and you could do that for another seven year old who hasn’t been corrupt by the world yet… These ones below are literally my favorite that I’ve found, especially those foil Christmas trees, I dieeeee. 


Someone Carve The Ham!


Is Ham a Christmas food? Am I crazy here? Normally we eat turkey again on Christmas, I think. If this is your first year shopping for your Christmas meal, I suggest you get the turkey. More people like turkey over ham… In other news, not only do you have to feed these people, but you have to have them eating on something. The plates I linked below were the cutest “not too cheesy” Christmas plate I’ve ever seen… Also, I bought them. Please, someone buy that Christmas Tree cake pan and show me how the other half lives, because I can’t even cook a frozen pizza.


What did you forget?

At this point, you’ve got pretty much everything that you have to worry about. You’re set for the meal, you’re house looks great, and you sent Grandpa Jim a card. Here’s a few things that you might have forgotten in all of the hustle and bustle. You’re going to want wrapping paper, that matches your home (you know, classy). Along with that, the “after Christmas storage” needs to be kept in mind. Below I’ve found some super easy ways to store trees, wreaths, lights, wrapping paper and more, so they fit easily in your home. (Which, I totally understand, because I live in an apartment)




Merry Christmas!

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