Fitness Frenzy: New City, New Goals

The amount of times I get off and on this wagon is insane.

Dylan and I decided in our last week in Des Moines that we would be enjoying our “week of lasts” (i.e. Texas Roadhouse with our best friends, Hessen Haus, Zombie Burger, Fuzzy’s Tacos, Palmers, etc), and then when we moved we’d jump right back on that “fitness” bandwagon and get really hot and be the hottest people in Indy, obviously… I mean, we’ve got some work to do.

The first week in Indy, I was totally 100% free, unemployed, nothing to answer to, spending a lot of time on the couch. The same thing happened to me when I moved with Dylan to Lincoln, Nebraska, and that was the first time I really fell off the wagon. In fact, the wagon ran me over repeatedly and I coped with food. I stayed off the wagon for the first part of Des Moines, and I’ve been jumping on and off it ever since. I don’t blame anyone but myself for my weight issues, but it’s not easy to have a best friendship focused around where we were going to eat. (This is an actual thing, we would look forward to eating, always…) Our weekend plans hindered on meals, Dylan and I ate ice cream every single night to cope with the stress of our damn jobs, and in case you forgot- i ate nachos EVERY SINGLE DAY FROM MARCH 2016 UNTIL JULY 2017. Every. Single. Day.

So, back to the current status of our fitness frenzy going on. I have made a point to get up each day with Dylan, drink some water, wait until lunch time to eat, and limit my snacking. That’s my biggest issue. When I get bored, I snack. I make a point in telling myself that I need to really put an effort into five days of working out per week, eating three meals a day, snacking only once in the mid afternoon, and to not grab another snack after dinner. The biggest thing we decided though, is that we’re not weighing ourselves until early December.

The scale is terrible.

Dylan and I got into this horrible, terrible, daily routine where we’d get on the scale directly after waking up, determining how our day was going to go based on our weight, and then either being proud and eating well for the day or being upset and throwing our hands into any food we could see. While we didn’t necessarily measure our worth based on the number like before, we did definitely let it get us down once or twice. Therefore, with the move, I hid the scale on the high shelf in the bathroom, only to be taken out after a month of working out. So far, we’re exactly halfway into this first month, and we’re going strong on that one.

We love food though…

We’ve been meal prepping, working hard at eating what we’ve made for ourselves, and only turning to eating out on a weekend night. We want to try all the Indy foods, especially since there’s a lot, but we have to stay focused on our goals and our bank accounts. We weren’t good at it in Des Moines (and I blame the stress of our jobs, a lot of that), but we’re doing so much better here (also maybe because we have no friends to hang out with and eat. Which is really sad. I’d rather be fat and at Texas Roadhouse right now)…

Along with that, we make sure we work out. We motivate each other. We always have an Ellie that could use a walk. We try to not limit ourselves or change our lives too much. We work hard in making a conscious effort this round. Maybe it’s doing good things, maybe we’re not changing at all. Couple more weeks we’ll continue to work hard and measure our progress after. I mean, this isn’t going to be easy going into the Holiday Season, especially since we’re only a couple weeks from Disney World. I feel though, we’re both committed this time, and it’s better when you’re not going at it alone. Also, it’s better that the scale is hidden. Actually, that’s probably the best part of this.

Here’s to hoping for good changes this time.

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