Finally Employed and Underdressed

Guess who’s back in the “job world”?

Me. It’s me. Unfortunately, I get to say “goodbye” to FUNemployment. It’s not really unfortunate, because I’ve been extremely bored. But our heater finally works, so at least for the rest of the week Ellie and I will be cozied up on the couch as I bid ado to the lifestyle of a housewife.

Spill the beans, Jen.

I’m sure you’re waiting for the bomb to drop, but I want to throw a little bit of backstory out here, so you understand how this decision came to be. (while not sponsored, I totally should be) became my haven for the last month living in Des Moines. If you logged onto my account, I applied for the upwards of 150 jobs here in Indianapolis. Let that sink in. One. Hundred. Fifty. Jobs. That’s a lot of desperation. I had about ten leads total, which turned into five solid- set- and scheduled job interviews.

I interviewed for two of the places when we were here on Dylan’s initial interview. A leasing agent for a subpar (I’d never want to live there) apartment building, and a receptionist job (with a 3, 12 hour day schedule- which was the reason I applied). Unfortunately, neither panned out, and I was at square one. The gap to our move was closing, and I was panicking about finding a job. Then, the trio made themselves known. Three jobs, all hiring, all around where I needed them to be financially, and all looking to interview me.

One was a liaison position within a trucking company. Nothing I had ever done before, but the highest paying out of all three. Basically, I’d find people who needed big trucks, I’d match them with big trucks, and I’d make sure their shipments went where they needed them to be. The second was at a spa. Boasted as the “busiest in Indy”, this place was relaxing, and I almost fell asleep at the interview. Half hospitality, half retail, and 100% a new adventure for me. The interview went really well and the job was offered the next day. The last job, was the job I really wanted. The job I knew I’d excel at, be challenged with, succeed daily, and be a confidently positive addition to the team. This was the job I needed.

After the spa offered me the position, I immediately called off the trucking liaison interview. It was a logistics business that I knew nothing about, had no interest in, and ultimately wouldn’t have been a “excited to go to work today” position. I accepted the spa position on a Thursday, but didn’t interview for the third position until Friday. After Friday, I spent the entire weekend wracking my brain of the moments in my interview. I knew I did well. I knew what I was talking about. I knew this is what I was going to do the best at. (I mean, I’m a charismatic, funny, amazing human, so everyone obviously was going to offer me jobs) Luckily, I had a fall back plan if all else failed, but this is what I wanted.

So, then it was yesterday.

In a process that normally takes over a week, I’ve done in less than 24 hours. Let’s just say, they liked me enough to take my hiring process and turn it from 35 to 120 mph. I accepted the position, with almost an equal salary as Des Moines, and I’m doing what I love. Enough of the secrets, what is my new career exactly? I’m back at the Y.


For the 500th time, it feels like.

When I saw a full time position open at the Y, near my home, working with children in this capacity, and being a director- I knew it was meant to be. My heart has been bursting with excitement to go back to a place where I can challenge myself, challenge my coworkers, challenge the students, help the programs grow, and to do it full time. I’m seriously so excited.


But, why? (punny)

My excitement for this position just goes on an on. When you work in a place for almost eight years, part time, and then get to take the full time step, you understand how joyful it feels. I’ve finally taken the next step in my career, in honestly the most incredible company I’ve ever worked for (sips tea). This company fueled my 100 pound weight loss, and was there every step of the way. This company created some of the most important relationships that I have ever had. This company has provided me with lessons to teach me, challenge me, grow me, and fuel me in a career. This does not feel like a job to me. This feels like I’m going back into something I am meant to do. This is something that’s been missing from my professional life for a while (more tea), and I’m finally excited to go to work (piping hot tea). Also, it doesn’t hurt that my time is set by me, thus giving Dylan no excuse to not take me out to lunch sometimes.

Overall, I’m excited (so excited) to be back with the Y. Thank you to my handful of references for helping me go back to where I belong and telling them how amazing of a person I am (sarcasm). Also, I can’t wait to get back into Zumba, Body Pump, Cycle, the pool and THAT SAUNA. Liiiiiiiiiife. iiiiiis. gooooooood.

(Also, from the title, underdressed comes from the previous post called unemployed & overdressed, because now I actually will have a reason to put on pants again)

One Small Step For Man, Giant Leap For Jen-Kind.

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