Let’s Get A “Move” On- Part 3 of 3

We. Made. It.

Indianpolis is home, and with this move, I decided I was taking full 100% authority on how our apartment looks and feels. Today I wanted to share our journey of apartments that we’ve had (terribly dark and dreary, terribly decorated, and terribly loud), as well as a couple bloggers / Instagrams / internet havens that have helped me with styling our current apartment. Someday, I’m going to do an apartment tour where I can show you exactly how everything ties together, but right now- we have a 10 month old dog, who’s cage takes up the living room, and it’s all types of not cute. The rest of the home though, is paradise. Our apartment wasn’t always “paradise” though…

First, there was the “first apartment”

Our Lincoln apartment was a mess. From the bedroom “art” that was painted by us, to the hot mess of a gallery wall, to the cheapest furniture ever- it was a big old ball of yuck. I can’t believe that I posted pictures of it on Facebook, thinking about how “proud” I was. Even though the inside of our apartment was a decor nightmare, the place itself was amazing. We were the youngest couple in this complex, and everyone was so nice. There was a gym, a pool, community area, and the staff was fantastic. If you’re looking to EVER live on the south side of Lincoln, Nebraska, give Summit Falls a chance. Oh man, I loved these apartments.

Then, there was the “this is the best apartment ever

I don’t know why we loved this apartment so much when we moved in, but we were sure it was going to be the best apartment that we could ever sign a lease on. Holy guacamole, we were wrong. This apartment building was poorly made, poorly decorated, and filled with the terrible times in our apartment. We brought the black furniture with from Lincoln, and with the poor lighting it made for a terrible dreary apartment at all times. Also, Dylan and I were still in the battle of “hanging up everything” (like that hangry sign), and “let Jen decorate the apartment”… This place was not cute, not spacious and not a fun place to live. Side note, this place was called “Bricktowne Apartments- Ankeny”, and if you read the Google reviews they are totally true. I used to write blogs about my neighbors and how loud they were. I knew the girl downstairs’ boyfriend drama, and I’d know when we brought the “side dude” over. That place is a mess.

Then, there was the “let’s not get time to decorate”

I don’t have any decor pictures for this apartment, because to be completely honest- we were there for less than six months, and we didn’t even have time to buy a rug. There were good and bad things to living at Jackson Crossing, and it’s a place I’d definitely recommend if you’re looking for Des Moines living. The fact that they had a gym, a dog park on property, a Starbucks downstairs and the fact that it was new was a huge plus for us. The only things that we didn’t like, which we had no control over, and neither did the apartment- was the street it was located on. Indianola Ave is a pretty busy street going in and out of downtown Des Moines. Loud motorcycles, lots of traffic, and emergency vehicles were constantly on the road. Now, we were the closest building to the street, and on the street facing side, so it makes total sense. I talked to my neighbor across the hall and she said she never heard the road, so it’s totally all in the location. Other than that, this place was clean, the whole “washer/dryer ROOM” was nice, because we had STORAGE FOR DAYS. I loved it here, I can’t complain.

Now, there’s “home”

There were three things that I focused on when moving in here. 1. I wanted it to be decorated by me. 2. I wanted it to feel clean. 3. I wanted it to feel like home. You’ll see below, I utilized a lot of boho and crisp wood inspirations, but the reality was this: our home was dark wood cabinets, dark wood floors, and cream colored walls. Not my first choice, but it’s what we got. I had to find a way to get my style, my inspirations, and Dylan’s shit into one home. (Side note, we have a “pantry” in our unit, which is a closet with about 6 shelves. The top shelf has my christmas tree, and a cake stand. The other five? Dylan’s “stuff”. He’s got so much stuff!!!) We have grey couches, so I had to play with dark wood and grey. I found that creams and blues are a great accent to this, threw some blue rugs in the kitchen, blue pillows on the couches (and white), cream blanket on the couch, and after a mental breakdown- I settled on a cream rug. We finally got a grey bed frame to match the dresser, and by having grey also in the bedroom, with a cream chair and carpet, it really ties in the couches and colors from the living room. We love it here. I’m currently testing out this $3.00 garland from Target to see if that mirror needs a wreath during Christmas season, what do you think?

and home, is thanks to these “inspirations”

Here are my Top 3 Inspirations that I channeled when making our home a “home”.

CK Design Co. is a Des Moines based haven. Holy mother of pearl, how I never walked in here when I lived there, I’ll never know. I stalk their Instagram daily, because let’s be honest- being vintage, boho, cognac and green, and unique is totally in right now and I’m just waiting to find a piece that screams “Salisbury’s” so I can jump on a purchase. By the way, even though they’re location is Des Moines, they ship. You can own these things, but you better go fast because they sell so quickly. (Duh, look at her Insta, you’ll see why!) Here’s Courtney’s website, she’s the face (and the name) behind the shop!

Then, there’s Sarah Belle. Which isn’t really a surprise since I’ve been on that Youtube Train since like 2013 with home girl. She started a blog, which I’ll link HERE, and her Instagram screams bohemian paradise. I mean, just check out this wall that her and her boyfriend DIY wallpapered. Are. You. Kidding. Me? Amazing. Dylan said no on Sunday when I politely asked to wallpaper our apartment… but like looooook at this. 

Lastly is Nina and Cecelia. It’s disgusting how obsessed I am with them. They are a little less boho and more clean crisp woods, whites, and a whole bunch of natural lighting. Just an overall gorgeous house. They also live in the Des Moines area, and I found them on accident. Then, I saw them at a 4th of July parade and was too afraid to say anything so I’m entirely lame. If one day, I have enough money to have a giant, gorgeous, well decorated house- it’s got to be something like Nina’s. (Cecelia’s is being built, so both families are currently living in this one) Here’s their blog: CLICK HERE

Home. Goals.

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