Overdressed and Unemployed

I’m unemployed.

Some people call it “FUNemployment”, but to be completely honest being unemployed is not fun. I’m bored, I don’t have money, I don’t have enough to do, I’m lonely. Ellie keeps biting me, and we just take a lot of naps. I just figured for everyone in Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa and the rest of the country who’s been “Keeping up with the Salisbury’s” (way less catchy than the Kardashians), I’d give you the insight on our first five-ish days in Indy.

Unpacking SUCKS.

Holy mother of pearl, if Dylan tries to move us again at any point in the next three years, I’m going to lose my shit. Actually, I’m pretty sure if he tries to move us, he will also be moving my cold dead body along with everything else. We left Des Moines around 6:30am, with Dylan in the U-Haul and the girls in the car.

Worst. Car. Ride. Ever. Actually, seven and a half hours went super fast. Driving with a 10 pound baby Satan though was the worst. She made me stop hourly, wanted to be on my lap, on the dashboard, in the back seat, and eating treats all at the same time. After about seven hours, she got really bad anxiety and was shaking so bad she looked like she was seizing. What a spaz, but then we made it.

We toured the apartment, that we already paid for, and saw it for the first time. Then, at about 4:00pm, we started the move in. It took Dylan and I less than two hours to unpack the U-Haul alone, about three hours to unpack all of the boxes, and by Sunday night everything was in it’s place. We were done, we were home.

Then, Dylan went to work.

It’s so boring being jobless. I have three interviews set this week, which is great, but waiting for them is so irritating. I spend the entire day waiting for Dylan to come back (or, for me to pick him up). We started our whole “New City, New Workout” thing, so I workout during the day, and take Ellie for walks, but that takes an hour and a half total. I clean the house a lot, did the laundry, redecorated (wait for “Let’s Get A Move On Part 3”), and watched Teen Mom.

I also hate not having money, so there’s that fact in itself.

The Good, The Bad, The Cloudy

Overall, in my first few days here- there’s a few things I’ve noticed about Indianapolis, so I’m here to share.

  1. Indianapolis has the most gorgeous fall colors that I’ve seen since living in Minnesota. Driving to Northern Minnesota in October can not be beat, but this is close. Just driving on Meridian Street and seeing all the fall colors on both sides of the road are stunning. This was pleasantly surprising, because Iowa’s fall was pretty much non-existent where we lived.
  2. Does the sun ever shine though? Four days of cloudy overcast weather is more than enough. When we came for Dylan’s interview, the rental car guy told me “get ready for gross weather all the time”, but I should have really listened to him- this is gross. 
  3. We live in a really nice area, like we’re the poorest people here. Which is saying a lot, because Dylan has a pretty decently paying job, a new car, and we have a gorgeous apartment. Yesterday I was parked next to an Audi, two Cadillacs, two Infinitis, and a bunch of Mercedes. Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore
  4. Yesterday I took Ellie outside for a walk, and we found a really nice trail to walk on. I was super excited, until this morning. While I was mid-workout, I saw a lost dog right by the trail. I stopped working out to search for the owner, before going outside to get it myself. Then I realized that there was a reason it didn’t have an owner… Mainly because it was a freaking COYOTE. We apparently got very lucky on our walk yesterday, because they live right there in that trail AND it’s an entire family of them. Guess we need to find a new place to walk.
  5. Our apartment has ammenties that you could only find in your dreams. We got so lucky with a pool, gym, and a whole bunch of televisions and computers to use so we can save money on cable and new internet. It’s been really nice here, people have been really nice, and this is definitely our nicest apartment yet.

As for the overdressed part, it’s been really hard on me. I’m so used to being a style icon and I have no idea where I’m supposed to wear all my designer outfits. In reality, I’ve been wearing the same brand of Amazon leggings, Nike sweatshirts, and my new fancy $10 leopard slippers from Target all weekend. It’s hard being so fancy. 

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