Dooder-ooskerdo (Seven Months With Ellie)

Seven Months With Eleanor.

We don’t ever call her Eleanor. I think I did it once, and I regretted it because she didn’t even realize that it was her name. Then she bit me. We got Ellie April 1st, and she’s been our whole world ever since. People keep telling me that she’s going to calm down, she’s a puppy and that it’s going to get better. I can’t believe it for a second. Ellie is well aware that this house is run by her, and I regret it.

The last time I posted about Ellie, we talked about how training was going, or wasn’t. She’s still doing well with potty training, doing fantastic on working on her leash walking, and stays in her play pen very well when we aren’t home. While she’s making strides in her “puppy” stage, we’re still stuck in three places and things are stagnant.


Ellie’s really reliant on her voice. She will let us know exactly how she’s feeling at all times, even ate one thirty in the morning. If she wants to play with you, she’ll tell you. On that note, that’s pretty much the only thing she barks at, still. It’s just Dylan and I, and it’s when she wants attention from us, in any form. Dylan and I work really hard at STERN “no”s, and trying to distract her with a toy, etc, but she’s stubborn. Dylan wants to buy a bark collar, and I’m 100% voting NO on that one, because my girl doesn’t need to be shocked into behaving.

Goodnight, Ellie

Ellie’s terrible at sleeping alone. I’m being completely honest here, home girl is spoiled and we ruined sleep for both Dylan and I. We had Ellie completely crate trained in our Ankeny apartment. When we moved to Des Moines, we lost a little square footage in the bedroom, so there was no space for a crate. We thought she just didn’t want to be in the crate, so we let her out at night. Then she ate a door frame. So she was back in the crate, and freaked out. So, we let her out again. Then she ate a wall. Literally, Ellie ate all the way through our apartment wall to the DRYWALL. Twice. So she was back in the crate.

A normal night with Ellie is her crying after about five hours (after she’s gotten the entire house to roam) and we have to get up and sleep on the couch, which makes her content. After she ate the wall, we bought her a playpen, so she has food and water, her pee pads, chew sticks and toys. She still only lasts about five hours in it, and then she’ll cry.

That is, until last week. Last week she decided that the play pen is only appropriate when we leave for work (and she’s totally fine to go in it then). So, we put her in it at night, and she cried. And cried. And cried. For over four hours, both nights. She compromised with us at least. She told us she would be quiet if we put the bed in the living room, so we listened to her, and now we have a sleepover with the ten pound dog every night. (Side note, the bed is in the living room because we’re packing for the move, not because of the dog… kinda.)


This, this is the worst. Actually, this is the whole reason for thinking I should post today. Ellie bites us, a lot. It never really seems angry when she does it, not malicious at all. Actually, most of the time it’s while we’re playing and it’s like a knee jerk reaction with her. We can swat her, yell, give her a toy to distract, and she’ll keep biting. 

I don’t know what to do about this one. I can deal with the barking, the sleep drama, but this I can’t. You see, Indiana is a non-bite state. Basically, if Ellie was to bite anyone, ever, at all, she’s at fault. Punishable by death. For the first time, this is not Jen Salisbury dramatics. This is life, and I’m scared.

When we go to Disney World, we have to board Ellie, which already makes me nervous. The thought of a staff member at a kennel playing with her, and her responding with a bite (much like normal) seems so likely. They will be responsible to report it and we’ll come home to a dead dog.

This shakes me to my core.

I can say she’s spoiled, but I’m trying. If you have any tips for biting, please share them. (Note, I’m allergic to apples. I can’t put that apple vinegar stuff on my hands. Not. An. Option.)

Also, the title- 90% of the time, we call her doodle. We should have named her doodle. roosker doodle dood. Dooder ooskle. Any variation of that that we come up with on a day to day basis… At least she answers to it.

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