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It’s getting colder out…

Which is just not cute. & I’m back with another month, and another attempt to look half way stylish in public. I’m not though, we need that to be made abundantly clear.  While I type this, I’m wearing my “good butt” yoga pants (named by my husband who says my butt looks fantastic in these), an oversized MEN’S Nike sweatshirt, a pair of Nike tennis shoes (sans socks), and I haven’t brushed my hair in over 24 hours. Stylin’. 

For those twelve days in the month of October that I did actually decide to get dressed, I figured I’d share, and hopefully give your a chance at finding something new to put into your closet.

Those Dang Over The Knee Boots


Herringbone Vest: HERE
Cream Sweater: HERE
White Jeans: HERE
Plaid Dress: HERE
Cream Cardigan: HERE
Watch: HERE (My actual favorite watches I own- I have EIGHT)

Office Chic

Striped Sweather: HERE (yes, MENS & oversized!)
Black Skinnies: HERE
Tan Booties: HERE
Oversized Cardigan: HERE
Skinny Jeans: HERE
Plain White Tees: HERE
Suede Booties: HERE (Pictured)

Weekend Casual

Those Steve Madden Shoes: HERE
White Jeans: HERE
Brown Cardigan: HERE
Oversized Sweaters: HERE
Vest: HERE
Blanket Scarf: HERE

*Please note, some of these items were featured last month. Please check HERE for the exact links to the clothing I’m wearing. Above are different affordable options for the outfits that I’m wearing. If you’d like the specific links, and you can’t find it in my previous blogs- please comment below and I will do my best to find exact matches!

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