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Goodbye To The #getFIT – Working Out In Des Moines, IA

Goodbye To The #getFIT Posts…

Everyone can breathe a collective sigh of relief… We’re done trying to coin the getFIT hashtag into a lifestyle. Actually, I’ve recently started dieting again, and I’m more motivated then I have been in the last couple of years. So i figured, creating a place to note what’s worked and what never, ever, ever worked for me would be helpful! (Mainly helpful to myself, so next time I try and jump on a diet I can be like “woah girl, no.”) *Side note, this was created at the beginning of my diet in mid-September, before I knew we were moving. This has some legit tips in it- but that’s why everything refers to Iowa Life, as if that life is going on forever*

I. Love. Food.

Let’s just start there. I have weird rituals around eating, I base my day off of my meals, and I literally think I’d rather be friends with a box of Mac & Cheetos than most humans. I. LOVE. FOOD. So, my number one problem with weight loss sat right in that fact. If I can’t give up my love for food, how was I ever going to lose weight? It really is simple. You. Just. Eat. Less.

I spent months, MONTHS, counting macros. It would take me upwards of 14 hours per week planning out what I was eating. As soon as I stopped counting macros, boom, my weight found it’s way back onto my body. I spent a week taking diet pills, because Dylan got them for free with an endorsement. The second I stopped taking them, the weight came RIGHT back. I spent some time cutting out carbs, lowering fats, or eating “high protein in every single meal. You can guess what happened when I stopped doing whatever diet rules I was on… I would just gain the weight back. All of these “fads” that my Facebook friends were doing, wasn’t sustainable for me long term- so I couldn’t keep the weight off…

Here’s what works for my body: aka eat less. Ladies, we get that little visitor once a month that makes you want to eat every single thing in site, while ripping the face off of your significant other. You’re telling me that eating lettuce without dressing is feeding that satanic beast living in your Uterus? Noooooo. Also, you probably don’t like going to a birthday party and ordering a water while you’re friends are hammering shots of Fireball. This sad lifestyle can be avoided. (Cue those infomercial vibes) There’s nutrition labels on pretty much everything you eat (cue the crazies who say “if it has a nutrition label, you shouldn’t be eating it”. Let me enjoy my Cheez-its in peace Susan, go eat your raw Eggplant somewhere else), so try using them to determine how much of something you eat. Once you train your body to eat what’s supposed to be a serving size, instead of eating what your heart wants as a serving size (hello entire bag of Cheetos), your stomach shrinks and so will your pants size. Don’t limit your life because you feel like a certain diet is where you are supposed to be. You’re supposed to hug that wine tight EVERY NIGHT, and don’t let anyone kill your vibe.

Give it a shot, and if this doesn’t help you to lose weight, then maybe one of the above diets are for you. (Don’t be stupid and take diet pills though)

I’m on a weight loss roller coaster.

So we know that since 2011, I’ve lost about 100 pounds (slow clap here). But ever since I’ve moved out of my parents house I’ve gained and lost a collection of about 20 pounds. Luckily for me, I’m 5’7″, so twenty pounds (makes me look fat) doesn’t make a huge difference. In the workout realm though, I’ve done it all. 

I used to take work out classes, and they rock. I seriously love me some BodyPump and Zumba, but it’s not realistic for someone who doesn’t have a gym membership. (Don’t fight me on this, I have Zumba at our apartment gym and the looks I get when I’m shaking my groove thang alone is too much) I use to turn the treadmill up to 15 incline, hold onto the bars for dear life, and hike up an imaginary hill. I went to cycle class, and then used the gym bikes to create my own cycle class. I used to do the stair stepper to thug ass rap songs and just cry my fat off my body. I’d spend 45 minutes doing abs, or over two hours lifting… Yes, all of these things helped me lose 100 pounds, which is fantastic, but like I said it’s not realistic for day to day living. I used to have access to 75 machines, and used to spend the time lifting in between work shifts. I used to be ON. MY. FEET. for every job I had. Weight management is easy when you’re moving all day long. It’s not the life I live anymore (Hello, two machine apartment gym & 8 hours of work sitting)

Here’s what works for me: Sixty Minutes. I need to devote one hour per day in the gym. This week, I’ve been averaging about an hour and a half, so starting solid. I know that if I tell myself I can watch Bravo or MTV or YouTube, I will distract myself enough to get through a cardio workout (which sucks) Also, some advice here: If you like Podcasts, these will pass time so quickly. I listen to Straight Up With Stassi, Watch What Crappens, Off The Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe, and The Ben & Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast. It makes time go so quickly because I feel like I’m a part of a conversation.  Doing Tabatas (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, for four minutes, repeat five to ten times), walking Ellie, and doing as many leg days as possible is the beeeeeeeeest workout for me.


Here’s what I’m doing RIGHT NOW.

My diet consists of exactly what I’ve been eating the entire time. Except for now, I’m not eating as much. I have been monitoring it lately, and actually closely, and have found that I’m eating almost 1,000 calories less per day. Per, freaking, day. Since the Iowa State Fair I have jumped off the deep end of my fitness and swam in a pool of gravy for almost two months. My workout regime is a whole calendar that I’ve created myself from Pinterest. I found things I like to do (Leg Day, Tabata, Sworkit), and things I don’t like to do (arm day, and that damn elliptical), mixed them together to create a balanced workout and they all average sixty minutes. I’m spending all my workout time listening to my podcasts, and I’ve been feeling great. (P.S. drink water. Hydration is key)  Also, most importantly, I’m done with the freaking Transformation Pictures (^). This is my body, and I’m going to live in it no matter what size I am. (But that’s slightly a lie. I will probably post one more transformation picture. Most likely. Definitely. Literally obsessed with transformation collages.)

Motivation, let’s do this.

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