Adventures Of A Midwest Married Couple- Cruise To The Bahamas

Dylan & I Got Married Internationally

This is not news, you know. & previously I wrote a big old blog post about why destination weddings were the best thing ever. (Which I still agree, this wedding was the shit), but I want to post something a little different today. Last time I talked about the cruise (sorry new readers, you’re lost), I said “we did this, then we did this, then we did this”, but I feel like throwing an itinerary on the internet is stupid. I want to talk about what I loved about our Bahamian Cruise, Honeymoonin’ at the Happiest Place on Earth, and a few things I feel like you need to do. 


Step One: Book The Cruise.

You’re afraid to get on a boat? You’ve never flown before? You don’t have a passport? You can’t spend thousands on a vacation? You think cruises are for old people? You won’t have any fun? Wrong. We had guests who were afraid of the boat, who didn’t have passports and never flew before, and didn’t think it would be fun or cheap. Guess what? Everyone survived. A cruise is every single part of a vacation (we’re talking the sun, the water, the pool, the drinks, the food, a room, entertainment, and more) all in one place. I’m telling you this, cruises are not for old people, they are for fun people and it’s not expensive. You can easily book an entire cruise for two for less than $700, and that’s including your room and food. Done. Done. Done. (also, as a side note. If you port from an American post, like Port Canaveral, you do not need a passport to cruise!)

Step Two: Get Off The Boat

I’m not good at this one, guys. Our boat stopped in two places during our cruise… It stopped in Nassau and it stopped at Freeport, both of which are Bahamian Islands. Freeport was the wedding, and was the last day of the cruise. Nassau was the first stop, and I got off the boat for a grand total of fifteen minutes the first time. I got bit by a bug, was convinced I had Zika Virus, got back on, flopped myself in my parents room and freaked out. Then, I got dragged back off the boat, was taken through the ghetto, got in the sketchiest van ever, but ended up and the most gorgeous beach. It’s true, I was dramatic and I expected Nassau to look like the ritz and glamour of the Florida Keys, not a poverty stricken island. Yet, I’m so glad I got off the boat and got to experience the sights. My mom though, got to spend the day relaxing on the empty boat, so literally, give or take you’re getting a win-win. (Don’t forget your swimsuit)

Step Three: Take Advantage Of The Trip

You’re paying money, that you earned, on a vacation. Eat that Guy Fieri’s burger, and those seventeen ice cream cones. Drink those sugary drinks, and worry about your jeans when you get home. Pack your stretchy pants, and use them. I’m so glad that I didn’t stress about gaining weight on the trip, or stress about the cost, or stress out about the little things (my wedding was wet, our pictures were ruined by the wind eating my hair and dress, I have a total of four “real wedding pictures”). At the end of the day, it was a vacation and it was a BLAST.


Step Four: Spend The Day At Disney

If you’re taking a cruise out of Port Canaveral, take an extra day and go to Disney. You’re right, that is kinda far, but to be honest you’re probably flying into Orlando International and you’re going to spend $14 on an Uber to get to Disneyworld and it’s WORTH IT. Disney prides itself on being the “most magical place on earth” and hoooooooly mother of pearl, it totally is. That place is “for the kids”, but deep down inside your inner kid is ready to go insane on the nostalgia. If you’ve only got one day, and can only go to one park, here’s the best way to distinguish where you want to go. Magic Kingdom: Everything 1990’s Disney. Everything. Epcot: The whole entire world, plus science. Hollywood Studios: Basically Star Wars world. Animal Kingdom: The Zoo with a rhino.

Step Five: Do It For The Gram

You’re going to go on a cruise or to Disney World and think “I shouldn’t be taking this many pictures because people are around” “I should be enjoying the place I’m in, and not putting them on my phone“. Don’t. Listen, it’s 2017 and you’re going to make a Facebook album. You’re going to post fifteen pictures on your Instagram. You’re going to remember this trip forever, and stop pretending that you don’t need seventeen thousand pictures. Do your thing girl, get that Instagram, you need the likes.

Happy Vacationing Friends! Let me know where your favorite place to vacation is below!



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