Adventures Of A Midwest Married Couple- Home Is MN / NE / IA

Dylan & I can’t sit still.

Well, I mean- we can if Harry Potter is on the television, or if I’m scrolling through Instagram, but other than that- we aren’t content. Dylan’s always been that way. He grew up and moved all the time, and he loved it. Something about being the new kid in school and getting fresh starts (signs of a troublemaker?) was great for him. Then, you have me. I grew up in the suburbs, and my parents house has a literal white picket fence. I am the most Minnesotan person you’ll ever meet, and I grew up in the same house my entire life. My biggest move was from the big bedroom to the little one when I was about 11, because I didn’t want to clean it anymore. I was confident I’d live in Minnesota for the duration of my life… and then that changed.

Dylan was confident that moving out of state, abandoning our lives and uprooting my entire Minnesotan existence was the best idea ever. We packed up a truck, car, and family and moved to Nebraska. We weren’t content.

Dylan and I knew that the quiet, safe, cheap living in Nebraska just wasn’t the best move. (This is total sarcasm, we loved Lincoln. We did not love the Huskers. We did not love the lack of highways on the road. But we loved the people, the safety, the weather, and that we could go shopping on a Saturday during football season and we were the only ones in public) So, we moved to Iowa.

Iowa? Literally you left a field of corn, for a new field of corn? Yes, we did. And as we packed up our belongings for the second time that year, something new stirred in my heart. Change was great. Moving was thrilling. New starts were my thing. Just like that, contentment in one location left my body.

So we moved to Ankeny, the northern city to Des Moines, and the quietest and safest city we could find. We fell in love with our apartment, which had everything we thought we could ever need. Until it didnt.

Loud neighbors, my anxiety and the lack of parking was just some of the things that made our apartment just not “it” for us. Yet, we got to the one year mark, renewed a lease, and thought we were going to stay for another year… We didn’t make it six months.

After my proudest life moment of getting into a fight with the landlord, pulling out actual receipts from my complaints, pulling out the Iowa code and giving them the knowledge that I didn’t give a shit what they said, I was moving, we got out. Luckily for us, an apartment endorsement opened up and we moved downtown.

That’s where we live now. That’s home.

Living downtown is the best. I love walking everywhere, I love the downtown HyVee, I love being able to run around with Ellie, and I love our neighbors. Not the homeless man who was in our garbage can, though. We’re not by the best part of the city, but we’re safe and I’m so happy in this apartment. We grew up here, upgrading our furniture and lifestyle, and we finally love our little midwestern abode…

Yet, my soul isn’t done.

I thought I’d want to live in Minnesota for my entire life. I though I’d want a house, a white picket fence, a place for a dog to run. Right now though, I want to adventure. I want to pack my Doodle, my someday children, and my husband up in a car and move over and over and over again. Fresh starts, new places, clean homes. For today though, I’m going to kick my feet up, grab my girl, throw on the sixth Harry Potter movie and eat a big ol’ plate of nachos.

I never liked change, but now I thrive on it. 


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