Twenty-Six Things I Learned, During My First Week Of Twenty-Six

How is that even possible?

You’ve learned twenty-six things just in the last week? Turning twenty-six came at the perfect time. Mainly, because I am in the middle of a life crisis, mixed with an anxiety tornado, but also because there’s been a lot of change happening. Not just physically, in the world (which, Mother Nature, can you calm down?), but within my soul. So yes, in the last week- my first week of twenty-six, I’ve learned a few things, or at least- reaffirmed them.

  1. You really can never trust anyone but yourself.
  2. Bowling leagues are the worst idea ever.
  3. So-Co Lime shots at the bar will get you drunk.
  4. When you’re drunk, and look in the bathroom mirror, you may call yourself Ursula.
  5. Monday sucks because it’s the day following God’s day… Thanks Satan.
  6. When you think things are changing, you get careless about the things that exist.
  7. Your dog doesn’t care when you say “no”.
  8. People take life too seriously.
  9. Home is not where you’re from, but where your heart wants to be.
  10. There’s nothing a Diet Coke can’t fix.
  11. When you turn 26, you get the “mom haircut”…
  12. People are never who you think they really are.
  13. Sometimes, distance doesn’t ruin friendships.
  14. Taylor Swift does not suck.
  15. Dobby is the saddest death in movie history. (fight me on this)
  16. You can be full of great ideas, but people will never appreciate them.
  17. The ones who say they are for you, are the first to turn against you.
  18. Dieting is hard when cheetos are your favorite food.
  19. Your friends will cry if you eat lunch without them.
  20. Bowling is literally not fun.
  21. Your dog forgives everything you do wrong. Humans do not.
  22. Cinnamon Roll candles are actually delicious smelling.
  23. When you can’t take off your wedding ring, it’s because you need to drink water.
  24. That does not mean you should go get a Diet Coke.
  25. Your soul isn’t content anymore.
  26. It’s time for a change.

Okay, so I’m a little dramatic. Not all of these things were learned in my first week of being twenty-six. I can state this though: In my first week of being twenty-six, or at least recently, I’m not content. My heart is longing for something, but it’s not pointing me in any directions. I have a really great life right now, except for the fact that I literally hate bowling with my entire being, so I don’t exactly know where I belong or what I need to change. What I can say about myself is that contentment is something that I let live inside of me lately. I let my life be totally happy, chug along day by day, and survive in this giant messed up world we live in. And deeeeeeeeep down, my soul constantly longs for something else. It longs for changes, for fresh starts, for something else and I always put it away. 

So in the last week, my first week of being twenty-six, I actually only learned one important thing about myself: I’m not going to put it away anymore.

Cheers to another year.

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