How To Train Your Dragon…?

Ellie is a dragon… Or a Satan?

Ellie is also not trained. Well, she’s kind of trained. I mean, she understands that she needs to use the bathroom on her puppy pads. Apartment living doesn’t give us the opportunity to outside train her, but she’s pretty good at using the bathroom when she’s outside as well. She knows where she’s supposed to go #2, and she never does. Diva.

Eleanor knows that biting is bad, barking is bad and she’s decided that she wants to be bad. So, therefore I constantly walk around with scars on my hands from baby Satan, and can’t blink without asking permission or else I get seventeen solid minutes of barking. She listens to Dylan, well… she gives Dylan the look after getting yelled at, and then all training unravels because Dylan feels guilty for making his small child upset and gives her a treat because he loves her.

We shouldn’t even talk about walking her. She’s great, for seventeen seconds. Then all hell breaks loose, and the grass makes her run like a crazy person, and the sticks must taste like candy, and every single human she sees is one thousand time better than me. Walks are fun.

Listen, I don’t know how to train this dog. Progress was made. I used YouTube videos, and she listened, but only for a few days. We try to scold her, we’re loud, we yell, she’s been swatted on the bottom, she’s been taught that this is a “NO”, and home girl doesn’t care. 

Someday, I will miss the puppy stages. Someday, I will be proud of her progress. Today though, I am dragging her fourteen blocks home on our walk because she’s decided that she only wants to walk if it’s a full out sprint through a sprinkler, and we’ve already passed that sprinker.

Oh, doodle- you’re making me crazy.

So dog owners, I’m here for your help. Have you lived your life with an Ellie? This girl is just something else. What do I do? How do I train her?

Help us by leaving your tips & tricks below!


  1. She’s looking at him as the pack leader, and she believes she’s second on the list. You’re under her. The treats NEED to stop after he yells at her , do you give a kid candy after yelling them ?? No! Stop the treats! Teach her you are dominate. Walk through the door before her , eat before her , do everything before her! As far as walking, tight lead , martingale (choke collar) , she’ll turn pulling isn’t helping her. Smaller walks until she gets the hand of this, when you complete a good walk simply give 1 treat when your home. When you catch her pooping pick her up at the scruff say NO, and place her on the pad. Wait for her to go reward then , and only then! To show her you are boss , try keeping her on a leash attached to YOU at all times. Let her fight she’ll realize she IS NOT in charge!

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