Here’s Your Future Wedding Venue- Rush City, MN

In August, I was a part of a gorgeous wedding.

I mean, it was my best friend’s, so I’m partially obligated to say it was a great day, but to be completely honest- this was the most gorgeous wedding I’ve ever experienced. Side note here, I’m married, but my wedding was not a normal wedding. I got married-married in January, wed in the Bahamas in February, and didn’t have a reception until July. While my wedding was absolutely perfect for me, it wasn’t a traditional wedding. So traditionally speaking, this was the most perfect wedding in the world.

Chelsie got married at Creekside Farm Wedding & Events. This place has everything you’d need to have the most stunning, Instagram-worthy day… The Bridal suite, the separate Groom’s room, the large plot of land that is filled with a creek, flowers, grass, and rolling hills… This place was magical. The large barn was recently built, by the owner, and her attention to detail was enough to already win her awards. 

Our bridal party was five of Chelsie’s best friends, sister-in-laws, and then me. I don’t know how I was blessed enough to be part of her day, but I’m thankful that in 2012 we stopped being ridiculous and figured our lives out. Chelsie, if you didn’t know, is one of the least girly-girls you’ll ever meet. She lives on Red Bull, can snowboard like a 260 pound man, talks about poop often, and once cut most of her toe off being a bad ass… So naturally, she chose pink to be her wedding color. I mean, what? No one saw that coming.

Our pink, with the groomsmen’s navy made for the perfect wedding setting. Chelsie was stunning in lace, beads, and an off white wedding dress, making her a real life princess before the eyes of her friends and family. Let’s be honest, she can say that dress gave her that body, but the fact she lived on lettuce for three months before her wedding did. Girl had curves like that Sam Hunt song… Every single detail of this wedding space, every single flower, the color combination, and each table’s centerpieces came together to give Chelsie’s “dream wedding” vision the life it deserved.

The icing on the cake (but like, the best part was that she had donuts and not some stuffy version of a 1990’s tiered wedding cake), was that my husband officiated the wedding. Especially since (and we’ll go back to this again and again) in 2013, Chelsie threatened to kill Dylan, in the lobby of iHeartMedia Minneapolis stating “if you ever break her heart, you’re dead”. Luckily for all of us, Dylan was alive and able to officiate the day.

Thank you Chelsie and Erik for sharing your lives with us. Thank you Chelsie, for letting me be your best friend, and for never letting distance, your fifteen jobs, my anxiety, or our lack of communication hinder our friendship in any way. You are so special to me, and I’m so glad that you found your other half in Erik/ Erik, I’d tell you to take care of her, but we already know you will. Wishing you all the blessings of your first year of marriage, and that you don’t gain your “marriage weight” like Dylan & I did.


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