Twenty-Six Is Close To Thirty…

Goodbye to 25.

This year was a lot for me. Upon approaching the middle of my twenties, I was standing on the rockiest foundation I had ever felt. My engagement was not leading towards a marriage, my job was not as I expected it to be, inside my head I was lost. On the outside though, I was engaged, successful, happy and knew where I belonged.

I went back today, through my blogs in the last year, hoping to remind myself what 25 was to me… On my twenty fifth birthday, I made a post about how I love the people I’m around, how I should stop stressing about money, and about how I should love the body that I’m in. At the end of 2016, I let the world know that my life was pretty much crumbling from a broken relationship, a crippling anxiety, and feel “lost”. Most recently, I posted about how busy my life was and how fast the world was spinning, thus marking the end of my year being twenty five. This was 25 in a nutshell. All of the above. I lived 25 in between loving myself, hating myself, loving the world, hating the world, being content, being stressed, having anxiety, not feeling my anxiety, and just trying to stay afloat.  

So, what’s 26?

Twenty six is closer to thirty. I can say a one thing about the next year of my life for certain. Home girl is getting older, and I am not content anymore. My health, my anxiety, my relationship, and my life are all things about to experience change. Twenty four was my year of finding new waters, twenty five was my year of trying to stay afloat, and twenty six is about to be the year that I learn how to swim.

With certainty I can say that twenty five’s memories significantly outweighed it’s downfalls. A marriage, a cruise, a wedding, a puppy, a new apartment, my full time job, friends here and at home, and a day to day routine really filled my heart. I lived my life every single day, and I made it through, but that’s not enough anymore. 

I’m done with spending my time concerned about everyone else, their opinions, and letting their lives influence mine. I’m done worrying about the little things that I get to have no control over. But most importantly, I’m done coasting.

Get ready, because I’m open to 26 and all the change it’s about to bring…

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  1. Very beautiful post!!! I’m about to be 24 (in a few days) , and I need to worry about myself and not about what is around me or what my ‘friends’ think!

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